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06 February 2010 @ 01:16 am
So last wekend was amazing. However I am yet again at home on a friday finishing this fucking paper. FML

Tomorrow I'm partying tho with my friends. Then on Monday I'll be on my grind to get myself focused in what I REALLY need to do. This paper is not my life, yet it has already sucked 2 weeks out of it. Blame it on my massive procrastination and its due date (tomorrow) but this paper can rot in fucking hell.

Another thing that can rot in there is my past friendships. 2010 is so looking brighter for me and newer people entering my life. I am having a lot of fun. Last week Steven took me and our friend Sarah on a trip all 0ver Miami. We went into a "restricted" area called "MorningView" (haha like the Incubus album). It was honestly like heaven on earth.

Morning View has a huge park that is beautiful and where you ACTUALLY SEE KIDS PLAYING AND HAVING FUN I've been seeing so many kids in malls on weekends and never in the parks it makes me wonder why. Well, maybe cause they all go there. Morning View was like a park I used to see in my dreams a lotand its because as a child I played my first little league baseball game there.
We lost. Obviously. The park was what I remembered tho.

best part was we saw Dolphins swimming in the bay. DOLPHINS SWIMMING CLOSE TO THE FREAKING DOCKS THAT YOU CAN ALMOST TOUCH THEM. Most beautiful site EVER that is how every Sunday morning should start. and where every dolphin should be IN THE FUCKING SEA or bay or whatever.

we spent the day driving through bad neighborhoods as we liked to call it "crack head gazing"
we then hit Miami Shores to check out an apartment Sarah used to live in with her family as a kid.

Oh Oh! We found this awesome boutique/thrift store! I went crazy after that haha x_x
we then all passed out in the car due to exhaustion of not sleeping for an entire night. (We started out adventure Saturday night)

saturday was great too, drum circle (as usual) cause it was a full moon. it wasn't raided by the cops which was a total win.

I notice I have a lot of fun when things are not planned, and I feel right now I'm exactly where I need to be. I just need to focus on my future now.
Current Music: Mighty Boosh on TV