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18 September 2010 @ 01:45 pm
Are you a boot person or a shoe person? Why?

I love boots. It's funny because even as a child I would prefer to wear boots or heels instead of flats. Now I love flats and sandals but my love for boots has stayed the same. Has anyone noticed boots are taking over? I knew one days, us nerds would have our day.

As a kid I remember always wearing different shoes. I began the trend to wear a pair of sneakers and a dress in kindergarten and while I was made fun of for being "different" at the end of the school year every girl wore a pair of sneakers with thier dress and I of course rebelled and wore a pair of mary jane flats in light pink. haha

I remember in 5th grade I wore a pair of boots that looked like a miniature version of doc martins. They belonged to my mother cause her feet were so tiny (size 5 1/2 - 6)that by 5th grade my foot was as large as hers. I loved those shoes. My mom would buy shoes at payless cause she couldnt afford Nike's or Adidas but I loved those shoes and wore them instead. They were so ugly! Old tapered brown leather, really thin shoelaces I wish I still had them. If I had known ugly boots would be in fashion now I would've sold them over ebay! LOL I wore them because they belonged to my mom and at one point she loved them so much she wore them all the time and then ignored them and threw them into the attic. I felt like I was bringing them back to life by wearing them. Its so silly that I remember that but I do..

5th grade was the worse year of school for me. I was overweight, I was too smart so all my friends were in other classes and I had to suffer with the stuck up kiss asses who never liked me. I had no friends in class. When I would be in class I would write notes to my dog Rockey, my cat Fluffy, and of course, my family.

I remember the day my shoes broke, I was walking up the stairs on a rainy day, and I didnt know rain ruined leather. So when I walked up the stairs my shoe bore a hole at the toe entrance and I tripped up the stairs, yes, UP the stairs (lol),I scraped my hands on the steps to hold balance and my shoes looked like something out of huckleberry fin book cover. I was so upset. I cried because I knew we had to throw the shoes away after that. I cried because the shoes I loved so much that my mom gave me were destroyed and I felt so guilty. I wanted them forever to be honest LOL

I never cared what people thought of how I wear things until I got much older and developed my own style. As a kid tho, I knew the other kids thought I was weird for wearing old tapered boots with boy jnco jeans and my hair a mess. I never tried to be different, I just was.

I feel bad for Shiloh Jolie..the whole world is making fun of her cause she dresses like a boy. I wish I could show people pictures of me as a kid, they'd freak at how girly I look now. It's just a phase, and Shiloh just identifies herself to her brothers or her dad even. She's not transexual, or having gender issues..and if she is ...so what? let her be she's just a kid.

So it just so happens I plan to buy shoes today, maybe I'll buy a pair of lace up boots. :) I could give them to my daughter or son in the far future haha
I am still a bit bummed out today. I work at 5:30 and I just found out the Glaminars are so expensive. I plan to buy books for school with my money..*sigh* I wish I had cash to blow.. maybe I can save a few pennies after I get my books.
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08 February 2010 @ 02:57 am
the only thing that fuels a person is the hate they receive from others.

they live for attention, we all do. the more attention you give something, even if the entire time you're saying things like "loser" "bitch" nobody" and then say their name or even give the the time of day when gossiping with friends...it's worthless.

why obsess? it doesn't help. sometimes I'll look onto profiles of people who have done wrong to me and realize why the fuck am I viewing this slag/assholes page?

and I hate and hate "look at this bitch thinking she's megan fox and shit" "look at this fag pretending his life is not a mess" and I just waste away my own eyelids...I never did this before, I never cared about people I dislike. That's right HATERS the more attention you give a person is actually caring about the person.

My hating days are gone. I have no shame admitting this because I have no shame. If I am hated, let it be, at least I know I'm not going to waste another minute of my life mocking others because they get ahead and I sit and watch.

Those days are done. Consider me you're competition, cause I'm ready to fight.

Bring It On Bitches!
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06 February 2010 @ 01:16 am
So last wekend was amazing. However I am yet again at home on a friday finishing this fucking paper. FML

Tomorrow I'm partying tho with my friends. Then on Monday I'll be on my grind to get myself focused in what I REALLY need to do. This paper is not my life, yet it has already sucked 2 weeks out of it. Blame it on my massive procrastination and its due date (tomorrow) but this paper can rot in fucking hell.

Another thing that can rot in there is my past friendships. 2010 is so looking brighter for me and newer people entering my life. I am having a lot of fun. Last week Steven took me and our friend Sarah on a trip all 0ver Miami. We went into a "restricted" area called "MorningView" (haha like the Incubus album). It was honestly like heaven on earth.

Morning View has a huge park that is beautiful and where you ACTUALLY SEE KIDS PLAYING AND HAVING FUN I've been seeing so many kids in malls on weekends and never in the parks it makes me wonder why. Well, maybe cause they all go there. Morning View was like a park I used to see in my dreams a lotand its because as a child I played my first little league baseball game there.
We lost. Obviously. The park was what I remembered tho.

best part was we saw Dolphins swimming in the bay. DOLPHINS SWIMMING CLOSE TO THE FREAKING DOCKS THAT YOU CAN ALMOST TOUCH THEM. Most beautiful site EVER that is how every Sunday morning should start. and where every dolphin should be IN THE FUCKING SEA or bay or whatever.

we spent the day driving through bad neighborhoods as we liked to call it "crack head gazing"
we then hit Miami Shores to check out an apartment Sarah used to live in with her family as a kid.

Oh Oh! We found this awesome boutique/thrift store! I went crazy after that haha x_x
we then all passed out in the car due to exhaustion of not sleeping for an entire night. (We started out adventure Saturday night)

saturday was great too, drum circle (as usual) cause it was a full moon. it wasn't raided by the cops which was a total win.

I notice I have a lot of fun when things are not planned, and I feel right now I'm exactly where I need to be. I just need to focus on my future now.
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09 January 2010 @ 10:22 pm
it snowed today in Ocala

if it snows in Miami I swear I will be forever happy to witness such a beautiful thing. everyone is complaining how cold it is..it's not cold enough!

anyways I'm happy, not so happy I could die happy, but I'm happy :)

ey-eh ey-eh ey-eh ey-eh
yeah ha yeah ha yeah ha yeah ha

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07 January 2010 @ 09:30 pm
some people are terrible liars.
I mean we all lie, but boy are people bad at it.
I've been getting older and the older I get the more I come to see how stupid some people are and how stupid I am for letting my kindness get the best of me.

some people say its a weakness to be this nice, but I think otherwise.

I think its weak to hate people for things they don't have.
I think its a weakness not to truly face people and instead judge them by what you think is true.
I think its a weakness to let your lies define you.

You think you know me? I highly doubt that.

I'm tired and old like a sage, yet I carry something you will never posses


the next time you think you can pull the wool over my eyes, fear not, for I will have my eyes closed and I will forever laugh at you. you are a failure.

so go and hate me bitch.

think that being pretty will last forever and be sorry that in life you got a free ride for being that way. its okay, we all see them ugly ass insides girl and you'll crumble down before you can even rise up
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26 December 2009 @ 05:37 pm
christmas sucked this year but I am glad I got 2 new dresses and some really soft bed sheets.

I think i'm gonna take opportunity of sales going on. I still relish in the fact last year I got this beautiful leather Juicy Couture bag half off its original price at Saks. Thier sale online sucks this year, maybe in-store is a different story. I remember those Chanel and Dior bags 50% off last year, i almost died.

Well enough on girlie things I must say this has been the hottest winter to date. Yesterday it was 80 degrees, I mean, I know I live in a sub-tropical climate but its never been so hot. Usually it's like 73 (as it is today) this just adds to why xmas failed.

At least I had xmas dinner with my boyfriend and I guess I can't complain because I am happy with him. :) Well I have much to do, so i'll be logging off. Hope you all had a Merry Christmas!
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09 December 2009 @ 06:25 pm
i'm gonna try to post more but honestly its sad how I just let my lj die. and I try to work with other blogging sites. it be a rather useless attempt me mateys!

the year has come to an end almost but it has been such a good year, some bad but alotta good too.

I'm in love ♥ and I drive

is there really any more to say after that? nah not really haha

I miss some friendships, I was a bit selfish but some people had to go, and the rest stay. I truly do miss a certain someone, but I feel she and I are too very different people now..

I wanna try to make this blog as interactive with my life as possible so i'll try to update with a few pics more often. also i'm going back to working out a little more hardcore. i'm still at 123 lbs, but i'm outta shape XD so back to salads with my meals and drinking only water and green tea oh ya.

I'm in a midst of a horrid flu and I also realized i'll be dual enrolled in mdc and fiu next semester this week..big FML for 2010.

but anyway

I can't express my love to you guys so much. I wish I could be as interactive with you as before but seeing as I got some of you on facebook i'll keep tabs with you there! also; have you noticed how impersonal facebook can be sometimes? I'm begining to question it haha

anyways off to begin the planning of next year.
oh yeah thats right bitches I'm doing this early, screw new years.
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18 April 2009 @ 02:33 pm
life has been treating me good lately, can't lie but I'm still a little idk pensive

Its almost May and this is a very crucial month. I need to figure where I'm gonna be going after I get my credits at FIU for my major, and then transfer to either nyc or LA
one of my closest friends is leaving to spain and I won't be seeing her until I summon enough $$ to save for a trip. god I'm gonna miss you noe :( you better update your LJ and take pictures with barbie until the real one comes in town LOL I'm gonna need to give you my old school IBM webcam so we can cam chat

I swear I think i'm gonna live in a ball filled with thoughts and just think my life away, I need to get out for some air.
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14 January 2009 @ 04:47 pm
for the first time in 4 years ..I'm unemployed.

I've had a steady job since 17, I mean the first oppurtunity for independence came I jumped directly at it..I just wanted my independence from my house, my family, i needed it I kept telling myself. I need the money to save..

but its been 4 years and all I've been able to save is my inheritance my grandma left me..I'm broke as fuck and now I'm wondering..what the hell happened to me?

I literally lived in this blur..i was imagining that I'd meet a guy who'd somehow relinquish me and somehow make me grow mentally and would travel with me but I never met him and I don't think I ever will. I am so shallow and selfish, but I'll never change I deserve nothing less than the best.

At least not here,
I've been given the opportunity by my aunt to visit North Carolina this year, prepaid flight and course I'll be staying with her and I think I'm going to go during spring break instead of summer. I need a taste of the outside.

along with the fact I've been working nonstop..I never learned how to drive so the past few months I've been on and off trying to drive and I'm getting good. I'm terrible at turns and stopping and I need to seriously get good at that ..those are like the main components of driving.

My last job wants me back and i think they kinda do need me back..I feel guilty for leaving but i can't jump back..that'd be selfish and impatient too. There is a reason why my position at Kensington Park Elem got frozen and I got fucked over. I mean I had everything done, information, signed all papers, something has lead to this moment that I really must take this oppotunity to expirience life without the obligation of working and helping others ..and start working and helping myself. I'll be graduating this semester, no funny business I was meant to graduate 2 semesters ago and i held myself back.

I feel at peace letting this out.
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23 October 2008 @ 08:45 pm
if I had given you nothing
would you respect me the way I wished you would?
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