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18 September 2010 @ 01:45 pm
Writer's Block: Fall Footwear  
Are you a boot person or a shoe person? Why?

I love boots. It's funny because even as a child I would prefer to wear boots or heels instead of flats. Now I love flats and sandals but my love for boots has stayed the same. Has anyone noticed boots are taking over? I knew one days, us nerds would have our day.

As a kid I remember always wearing different shoes. I began the trend to wear a pair of sneakers and a dress in kindergarten and while I was made fun of for being "different" at the end of the school year every girl wore a pair of sneakers with thier dress and I of course rebelled and wore a pair of mary jane flats in light pink. haha

I remember in 5th grade I wore a pair of boots that looked like a miniature version of doc martins. They belonged to my mother cause her feet were so tiny (size 5 1/2 - 6)that by 5th grade my foot was as large as hers. I loved those shoes. My mom would buy shoes at payless cause she couldnt afford Nike's or Adidas but I loved those shoes and wore them instead. They were so ugly! Old tapered brown leather, really thin shoelaces I wish I still had them. If I had known ugly boots would be in fashion now I would've sold them over ebay! LOL I wore them because they belonged to my mom and at one point she loved them so much she wore them all the time and then ignored them and threw them into the attic. I felt like I was bringing them back to life by wearing them. Its so silly that I remember that but I do..

5th grade was the worse year of school for me. I was overweight, I was too smart so all my friends were in other classes and I had to suffer with the stuck up kiss asses who never liked me. I had no friends in class. When I would be in class I would write notes to my dog Rockey, my cat Fluffy, and of course, my family.

I remember the day my shoes broke, I was walking up the stairs on a rainy day, and I didnt know rain ruined leather. So when I walked up the stairs my shoe bore a hole at the toe entrance and I tripped up the stairs, yes, UP the stairs (lol),I scraped my hands on the steps to hold balance and my shoes looked like something out of huckleberry fin book cover. I was so upset. I cried because I knew we had to throw the shoes away after that. I cried because the shoes I loved so much that my mom gave me were destroyed and I felt so guilty. I wanted them forever to be honest LOL

I never cared what people thought of how I wear things until I got much older and developed my own style. As a kid tho, I knew the other kids thought I was weird for wearing old tapered boots with boy jnco jeans and my hair a mess. I never tried to be different, I just was.

I feel bad for Shiloh Jolie..the whole world is making fun of her cause she dresses like a boy. I wish I could show people pictures of me as a kid, they'd freak at how girly I look now. It's just a phase, and Shiloh just identifies herself to her brothers or her dad even. She's not transexual, or having gender issues..and if she is ...so what? let her be she's just a kid.

So it just so happens I plan to buy shoes today, maybe I'll buy a pair of lace up boots. :) I could give them to my daughter or son in the far future haha
I am still a bit bummed out today. I work at 5:30 and I just found out the Glaminars are so expensive. I plan to buy books for school with my money..*sigh* I wish I had cash to blow.. maybe I can save a few pennies after I get my books.
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